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This is a long one, but I owe you!

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:43pm
I had a very interesting weekend. Friday night I went to a birthday party for one of my co-workers, and Saturday night was a Christmas party that I went to with a friend. Although both nights involved friends, food and drinks they could not have been more different. The birthday party can be summed up in “one of the women brought her 2 year old” So then entire party that should have been focused on having fun and socializing on a Girls Night (as the invitation expressed) became the “Look what the baby did!” show. Now, I, being a single gal who is a long way from being ready to settle down, was less than impressed with the whole situation. I had expected to go to this party, have a few martinis and get to know some of my coworkers better; instead I had a few martinis and stood in the kitchen talking to the one other girl who was in my situation. We had a great time. But as the night progressed I noticed how different I was than the rest of the ladies in attendance. I wasn’t really interested in the little kid throwing magnets at the walls, nor did I think it was cute when he faked crying by screeching at the top of his lungs until he got his way. I also noticed that although everyone had brought a bottle of liquor with them to the party, only three of us were actually partaking. The others were doing that thing where they stay sober because they are control freaks that like to have a reason to look down on other people. In fact, at one point when I’d called someone at work by the wrong name, which had nothing to do with my slight buzz as I always call them by the wrong name, I got that “Keep talking, Drunky” look from one of them. That right there was the moment I realized why it was always a little strained between us. She’s a total queen bee wannabe. She likes to lord things over people’s head by either being funnier, more likeable, or if it comes to it calling them out on mistakes. But since I am funnier than her, and kinder which makes me more likeable she kind of doesn’t like me because she can’t make me feel less than her. Figuring that out, along with being part of the tiny group that could relax and have fun made it not the most fun I’d ever had at a party. It was too bad, the hostess tried really hard and set a scene for a really fun party, and unfortunately the attendees were drips. Saturday was a completely different story. The Christmas Party was a semi formal affair held by an older gay gentleman, so there was tons of food and even more free flowing libations that were constantly refilled by the caterers. The crowd consisted of all couple, and older people that were his neighbors. I went with a group of women 35 and under. We sat there, drank, and talked with each other all night. It was SO FUN. We were all able to let go, and just enjoy each other’s company. No judgment, no feeling bad because my life doesn’t revolve around my husband or my job, no snotty looks, no horrific gossiping/shit slinging, and people who “get it” I loved it. It made me feel good about myself to see that I actually do have good genuine people in my life. Something I haven’t felt for a while…

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