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Thinking About Good Decisions

Posted Oct 10 2008 1:02pm

When you make the decision to get back into posting and thinking about what you want to write about what you realize is just how many topics there are out there any given day. You have to move, you have to eat, and all day long you make choices - some good, some bad. How you deal with those choices might be interesting to someone and it might be interesting to me next year or the year after.

So in what was otherwise a pretty normal day, there were some things that impacted what I am trying to do on my journey from fat to fit.

First decision, I had a 2 egg omelet for breakfast instead of a 3 egg omelet. 3 has been habit for years and years but as I have monitored my intake I have come to realize that I can get by just fine with 2 eggs. When 2 works instead of 3 you need to go with 2. And I need to keep on going with 2.

Second decision, at about 10:00am this morning I realized I had not brushed my teeth this morning. Oral hygiene is an important part of my health scorecard and I didn’t want to take zeros for my morning routine so I flossed, brushed and gargled with mouthwash. Oh and I also hadn’t taken my vitamins so I did that to. I never would have done either of those things so late in the morning without the scorecard to remind me. So score one for having a plan.

Third decision, I went to my daughter’s school for lunch and packed my own lunch. I made 2 sandwiches when I should have packed one and I packed 2 desserts when I should have packed 1. And no veggies. Not a good lunch.

Tonight my daughter had her last practice of the soccer season so we played parents versus kids, which was very fun and I had a pretty decent workout. Not great, but running up and down the field with cleats, making athletic runs and moves on the ball is good for me, and it felt good. I coach two more games on Saturday, one for each of my kids, and then soccer season is done. Ultimately I feel as though soccer actually negatively impacted my workouts so I am hoping that once that commitment is done that I can improve on my own exercising. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun. One of the parents asked me if I was going to coach again next year and whether they could request me. That felt good.

Let’s see, what other decisions tonight. Well, here I am writing - there’s a decision for ya. And I’m drinking water instead of a beer or something (that reminds me I did not drink nearly enough water today).

Pretty normal day - not too bad, not too good. Time to brush my teeth and get to bed.

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