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Think Less, Eat Pizza, Lose Weight?

Posted by Laura B.

The fact is, most people who diet end up gaining their weight back, and then some. According to Geneen Roth, author and lecturer, the answer to achieving your healthy weight, and maintaining it, might be to think less about what you're eating, and pay more attention to what you're feeling. For an alternative approach to weight loss, tell yourself that all food is equal. Let yourself eat all of the foods you had previously labeled as "bad." An clair is the same as a salad. While it's true that you might initially gain weight, if you truly make an effort to listen to your body, it will soon tell you that you crave the veggies as well as the pizza. You'll then lose the weight naturally, without effort, and never have to worry about dieting again. It worked for me. (
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The trouble is if your body is used to getting food with no or very few nutrients in it such as pizza then it's going to continue to crave anything it can lay your hands on in continued desperate crisis management
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