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Think and Feel Better With Better Breathing

Posted Feb 15 2013 1:24pm

breathing pic Today’s “ Fix Your Body Friday ” tip involves something that we all have to do and that we may not be doing in the best way.

Long story short, “Better Breathing = Better Everything”. Below is a quick video demonstration of an office exercise that you can do while your at your desk and I guarantee you’ll feel better and get a lot more done.  Even at the end of the day.


Hruska Relief Position  (As seen on The Postural Restoration site)
- Sit at the edge of your chair or exercise ball if you sit on that at your desk instead
- Separate your legs (abduct) and turn them out (externally rotate).
- Lift your breastbone (sternum) slightly
- Tuck your chin in and look straight ahead
- Turn out (supinate) your arms as you slowly inhale through your nose while pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth
- Feel your upper side chest wall expand
- Without using neck muscles
- Try this 2-3 times every 20-30 minutes when sitting

This little exercise should help you learn to breath more efficiently by turning on respiration muscles we don’t usually use.  Better breathing = better thinking and better productivity and I guarantee you’ll feel better too.  Give it a try and let us know in the comment section how it went.

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