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Things That Have Already Annoyed Me Today... And All Before 9am!

Posted Dec 07 2010 1:00pm

It may be one of those days. I'm afraid.


I don't mind if you wanna ride a bike everywhere. In fact, I applaud it. Just don't be an idiot, okay? When it says "DON'T WALK," remember that applies to you on your bike and try real hard NOT to ride out in front of oncoming traffic, you twit.

Customer service should SERVE CUSTOMERS. Not one lone dude behind a counter, alphabetizing envelopes while a line of people accumulates in front of him. DUDE. Put the envelopes DOWN.

$2499.02 is NOT $2500.00. Just in case you hadn't heard. Because the woman at my bank this morning? She hadn't. She thought the bank should "round up" and float her 98 cents. That would be an EXCELLENT policy but it MIGHT also be slightly flawed.... I mean, the economy sucks. No one's giving away free money. Sadly.


There. I feel better.


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