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The White Board and Just Because Roses

Posted Aug 31 2010 9:15am
Today feels like a really good day!!! I'm feeling happy in spite of the fact the scale seems to be stuck. But life isn't about the scale and being stuck isn't a bad thing. This morning I woke up to a frisky husband, well sort of woke up lol. Just kidding. Anyway, I won't go into TMI there lol.

So last night wasn't the best night but I've had worse. Work went fine and then I went home and started fixing dinner and waited on Mike to arrive home so we could eat. He called and said he wanted to pick up bulbs for the new sconces in the bathroom he had put up the day before (you know the ones that caused Kevin to climb up in the attic twice for on Sunday). I felt dread in my stomach as I seem to do with most house repairs. So he finally arrives home and screws in the bulb, flips the switch and nothing. Yep, nothing..... I had a feeling as I know how things in our house work (or never seem to work). So the ranting began and there I stood in the kitchen with my nice dinner fixed feeling HIGH anxiety. I just said "lets just have dinner and worry about that later". A few more swear words and then we sat down to eat.

After dinner Kevin, Mike and Marie headed off to Lowes for different bulbs which I knew wasn't going to fix the problem but who am I to say lol. So off they went and then I had a few minutes or what I thought was some time to myself till the two boys in the neighbor started knocking on the door for Nicholas.

So Mike and Kevin get back with no new bulbs but with a plan from a guy that works at Lowes lol. They are in the bathroom and Marie says "didn't the guy say turn off the power first dad" lol. Of course Mike did get shocked and some more swear words came out. But eventually after like a hour of fiddling we had light. So one more thing off the bathroom list.

I decided not to walk last night because I was still hobbling around with my bum ankle. I did read my marathon walking book though and did some stretches like it suggested and my ankle is feeling much better today. I definitely need to work on stretching more if I'm going to manage this 1/2 marathon without injury or a lot of pain. Tonight I do plan on going to the gym and getting in a good stretching/abs workout and some cardio. Going to lay off the weight lifting till Thursday though.

So anyway back to last night. So I end up having it out with Nicholas about his teeth and doing what he wants and never following the rules and on and on I went. Then Mike laid into him and said a whole bunch more stuff. I'm not sure what our deal is with Nicholas but we both have some guilt going on and it seems to turn to anger because we don't parent him like we do the other 2. So we have agreed that if we want things to improve we have to learn to stay calm and stick to our guns with him. So I'm hoping it will work.

What it meant though was Nicholas went to school this morning without breakfast because he says he can't brush his teeth before or after breakfast and we told him brushing his teeth is a must. He still has braces on that should have come off 3 months ago because he's not taking care of his teeth and we don't seem to be making him. I figure if I just keep on him eventually he will either eat because he's hungry or he won't, it's up to him but he will brush his teeth twice a day minimum.

So I ended up going to bed feeling like crap over the whole thing. Between Mike getting upset before and after dinner then the run in with Nicholas I found myself eating more dinner out of anxiety and snacking on a serving of pretzels before bed. Definitely not the worse I could have done but definitely could have managed myself better.

But like I said today has been a better day. Especially when at lunch time a coworker brought me a box that had come for me. I knew what it was, flowers. I kept wondering why Mike had sent me flowers. Usually he just does that when he feels like he's in the dog house. But today's flower's were "just because" flowers. They are a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored roses that smell just wonderful. Just like his emails are now so looked forward to flowers now bring good feelings not feelings that poor Mike feels like he has to send them. I feel lucky and grateful to have him.

I forgot to mention that I brought back the white board for myself last week. For the people that have read this blog for awhile now you know one of my good things was keeping the weight I wanted to lose posted on my coworkers white board in his cubicle. It was something that really helped to motivate me. Every Thursday morning when I came in I would go to the board while my coworker watched and change the number, good or bad. So now there are 2 numbers on there, 8.6 lbs for me and 28.6 lbs for Mike. I also wrote December 31st under them. Writing my number on that board mean success to me. Even if I don't reach that goal by Dec 31st I know I will reach it because I have decided to (reminds me of Lyn's post the other day).

Oh, I haven't had a piece of candy out of the candy bowl here at work since last Monday either so I'm happy about that.

At 4pm today I head out to pick up Mike and we are heading to the granite place to hopefully pick out our counter top and sink. I'm excited, we might actually have the bathroom finished in a few weeks. I still can't believe it's been over a year, ekkkk. Lets hope our next home project goes quicker lol.

Well back to work.

Till tomorrow...
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