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The Well-Worn Path That Keeps You From Weight Loss Success

Posted Feb 02 2010 2:00am

You are more helpless than you’d like when it comes to losing the weight. You’re stuck being on the well-worn path of past behavior after past behavior. So you find it tough to start making that new path, the one that will take you away from your past behaviors and onward to new behavior, like losing the weight. What’s the deal here with the well-worn path? Why can’t you escape from it?

There’s lots that keep us on our well-worn paths. First of all, the path is familiar, and what is familiar can be trusted. What is familiar has made us feel good in the past. So why not repeat it. Before we know it, we head down that path again (and again).

But it’s not only this combination of familiarity and feeling good that primes us to do just what we are used to doing. There is another factor that makes it difficult to switch. That is, if we are taking a path that is well-worn, the “well-worness” itself makes us think that where and how we are heading is “fitting” and “to be trusted”. This primes us even more to stay stuck.

The intruder here is that new path to weight loss. It makes us feel uncomfortable, untrusting, and like it’s just not a good fit. Once you decide to take action and lose the weight, your problem becomes getting yourself to think and feel for the new path what you still think and feel for the old one.

This usually takes all you have until you wear a groove that’s at least as big as the one on that old path you were on. 


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