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The Weight-Loss Process: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous?

Posted Jan 25 2013 5:00am

Losing weight is not a stationary process. You are not today who you were yesterday. What worked for you yesterday doesn’t work for you today, and what didn’t work for you yesterday works for you today. Such heterogeneity of performance is to be expected during the process of weight loss.

What accounts for a large percentage of such day-to-day dissimilarities or heterogeneity are fluctuations in you and fluctuations in your environment.

Your mental and physical functioning fluctuate from day-to-day. For example, you aren’t as resilient today as you were yesterday. Tomorrow you will be more organized than you were today. No patience yesterday. Patience galore today.

You also develop and learn. You thought about asserting yourself for the thousandth time, for instance, and today you finally did it. No compensatory eating late at night for you. You didn’t need to eat those regrets away.

Then too you might forget and return to old behavior. Like: you just violated your diet. It was not only a cheat. You couldn’t stop at just a cheat. You went on to binge, Sweets with a whole salty bag of _____ as a kicker. It was just like the old days all over again. Guilt and self-condemnation followed.

Not only you fluctuate but days do too. Days differ from one another in what they make you cope with. For instance, Sunday was so quiet it was boring. Monday brought the usual hustle and bustle of getting going for the week. This past Wednesday one of the kids had a temperature and someone had to stay home from work. Saturday, after gymnastics, is the get-together with another family.

Watch out for heterogeneity. It’s such a natural part of trying to reduce your weight.


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