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The Weight-Loss Process—Breaking Bad Habits and Replacing Them with Better Habits

Posted Aug 24 2012 1:28pm

What you do so automatically that you call it habit is what is probably keeping your weight problem in place. Practice strengthens a habit while it weakens the possibility of taking alternative actions. If you are overweight, it’s for sure you’ve practiced and practiced weight-maintaining habits. Since you’ve practiced these habits well, you’ve weakened the possibility of using your preferences and intentions to do differently.

Think what this means if you a trying to lose some weight. Your old ways will be hard to dislodge. Your new ways will be hard to come by.

You will be pleased to hear, though, that once you make some changes to your old habits that are maintaining your weight, your new habits will be working to keep weight off. Practice will have strengthened the new habits, and it will have weakened the possibility of going back to old ways.

The work, as you’d expect, is in the changeover from old to new. Once the new habits are in place the single best predictor that they will stay in place is the amount of time they continue to be in place . In other words, if you keep practicing them, they will stay with you.


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