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The Weight Loss Diet Plan Anthem

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am 1 Comment

by Maria's Last Diet

unless you can stick to it.

What do researchers find when they study dieters who go on different diet plans?

They find that most people can't stick to a diet plan very well, even the best diet, a healthy diet plan, the trendiest, the newest, a quick weight loss plan, one with the highest protein, a diet plan with the lowest fat, or the most balanced weight loss diet plan there is. People just plain have trouble sticking to a weight loss diet plan, no matter what they choose.

So here's our best advice. Make a non-food plan to go along with your weight loss diet plan. Map out an "obstacle course". What do you see yourself running up against when you go on your next diet? What are the obstacles?

For example:

low willpower, temptations, holidays, fatigue, busy schedule, sadness, anger, disappointment, kids, parents, friends, weekends, emergencies, lack of support, slipping motivation, the aftermath of cheating, hunger, emptiness, impatience

You can think beforehand about what always pops up to derail your diet. Then make a plan. What will you do when these things present themselves?

This non-food plan is every bit as important as the weight loss diet plan you choose. We've said it before, and we'll say it again: IT'S NEVER JUST ABOUT THE FOOD.

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I believe that the only way to get healthy and stay healthy is for your life style to change. Keeping a daily log of all the food you consume is key to eating healthy.  If you keep a log you know exactly what you are putting into your body and won't forget. I have been using to monitor my calorie, fat and carbs. They have an awesome free calorie counter.


Here is the direct link -

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