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The Weight Loss Challenge of Conflicting Goals (to eat it or not to eat it)

Posted Feb 22 2010 2:00am

So you have two goals: 1. to lose the weight 2. to keep up the old behavior if you need to. That’s right. Two goals. And they cause lots of conflict. Yes, indeed.

How can you prevent the old goal from interfering with your new goal?

One way is to cut off the supply line to the old goal. If you’re going to do this, you’ll have to know what resources your old goal is depending on. Here are some things to check on:

·      external cues (familiar temptations) – For example: friends who overeat, all the wrong foods still in the food pantry, social events where there’s food and drink

·      internal cues (familiar “disturbers”) – For example: feeling down, not being assertive enough for your own good, trouble maintaining your self-esteem

Besides the supply-line resources you have in common with other women, there are items in your supply line that are unique to you. Get to know these as well or better than the others. Once you know them, really know them, see what you can do about getting them out of the supply line—little by little, all at once, however you can do it.


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