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The Weight Loss Challenge Is a Challenge That’s Too Hard for Most Women

Posted Nov 18 2010 6:24am

Not every one has what it takes to lose weight. Now that might seem pretty negative, but it’s true.

Success at weight loss, which means not only losing weight but also keeping it off permanently, requires a lot of hard work. Not everyone is up to making such an effort.

The person wishing to lose weight has to be up for the challenge, intrinsically ready for the challenge if possible. If you don’t have all the umph it takes to work away at your weight issues, you will not be successful.  

Do you challenge yourself when it comes to things that are hard for you? Do you challenge yourself, for example, when it comes to a sport, or in cooking special dishes, or finding the perfect outfit for the occasion, or doing the job more effectively, or being a better mother. Of course you do. You probably challenge yourself all the time. Challenging yourself to do better is what gives you the umph to do what it takes.

When it comes to weight loss, challenging yourself is a big part of what it takes. Here are some ways to challenge yourself:

  • Increasing the difficulty of what you have to do just enough so you have to reach for that little bit more from yourself
  • Increasing the urgency of doing what it takes by setting deadlines for yourself 

There are other activities that you can set as challenges for yourself:

  • Gathering more information so you get the guidance you need
  • Giving yourself time to think and elaborate on the new information
  • Attending more exclusively to the weight-loss tasks you’ve set out before you
  • Making what you know and what you’ve learned more easily accessible
  • Linking your thinking to your moods, attitudes, and behavior
  • Practice adjusting the level of your effort to fit the demands of each task

As you can see, putting in the hard work that is required to lose weight will definitely be a challenge. If you do not get yourself up for the challenge, then trying to lose weight the old fashioned way (diet + exercise = weight loss) won’t work.



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