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The Weight Loss Advice that Shook the World: Small Changes Accumulate

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

In solving a weight issue, the accumulation of small changes in your behavior is most effective.

You can easily make these small changes, while it is much harder to make big changes. The small changes build upon one another until your behavior becomes significantly different. And that's what it takes to solve an issue related to overeating: making changes in your behavior that last.

Our best advice: start small.

A woman we know named Sarah started her exercise program by simply putting a little "e" on her calendar on the days she exercised. At the end of two weeks she was very proud to see that she had exercised seven times. This was a big, big step for her, and it was more encouraging than anything she had been doing.

Little things mean a lot.

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