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The weather outside was frightful!

Posted Dec 29 2009 9:51am

I have survived the blizzard in Fargo, and have made it back to San Diego alive. I did not, however, survive the temptation of all of the Christmas goodies available to me. I ate all of the candy, cookies, cheesy side dishes, and liquor like I was actually stuck outside in the blizzard and needed it to survive. Turns out I didn’t. I just ate it all because “I’m on vacation!” Yeah, not the best strategy. And the real kicker? I kind of felt like crap the whole time. I just felt kind of yucky and I still do. I guess it took a week of gorging to make my body really say “Hey, this whole eating healthy thing is what I actually want!” So, I’m giving in to its nagging and have planned out a nice menu for the next week and will be heading to go bulk buy veggies, lean meats, and fruit. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m excited to get my body back into feeling good.

As far as exercise goes, well I went to my dad’s gym once before we were house bound by the snow. I’m not too impressed with myself on that one. My mom owns a plethora of fitness videos, a treadmill, and a Wii Fit. Yet “I’m on vacation!” struck again. My brother did get me the Nike+ iPod running thingy for Christmas, so I’m going to start using that in my new fitness regime. This means that I don’t have to be on the machines at my gym to get a workout tracked, and I can actually start running outside like I want to. Starting next week I’m going to do the before work run thing. Wish me luck I am NOT a morning person. The plan is to get in a routine at the beginning of the year so by mid-2010 I’ll be in a good groove and used to getting up earlier in the morning. Now I just need to convince my morning self that getting up will be worth it on Monday.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season!

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