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The Voice(s) Inside Me: as I drive down the road

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:00am

It's 11:34 and I'm waling out of the office and on my way to run some errands. As I head towards the electric company I pass a sandwhich shop that makes the most awesome cuban sandwhich I've ever had and that's when it starts...

-I should stop there on my way back and grab something to eat
-No, no you shouldn't.
-Well I could just get half of one, half's not so bad.
-But all the mayonaise...
-Ok I won't go there.
*Sigh of relief*

I make my payment and then it's off to the bank and all of a sudden I feel like I'm in Vegas with Flashing lights and all the signs are in my face, asking me, begging me to choose them and come in.

"Free chocolate cake"
"Try our new boneless wings"
"All you can eat"
"Buffet $3.00"

the chocolate cake and boneless wings were the most tempting...
-Don't do it.
-But the wings are so good.
-Don't do it.
-But the chocolate cake is free and it's chocolate.
-Don't do it.
*I pick up my phone and call Subway, yes, I have their number saved in my phone. My phone drops the call before they have a chance to answer. I re-dial, they answer, and put me on hold.
-You can do this, you don't have to eat out.
*After being on hold for 49 seconds, I decide it's a sign and hang up.

I pull into the bank, get my money and off I go to fill up my gallon of water for my workout tonight.
- I want something sweet.
- That chocolate cake is probly sweet.
- Don't do it.
* I decide to stop at the produce stand and get a piece of fruit. Wait I have watermelon back at the office...I'll have that.
Get back in the car and down the road I go...passing pizza buffets, taco bell, McDonald's I see them come and go and am not so tempted now that I have a plan.

I made it back to work, without any extra stops, had my lunch that was pre-planned and will have my watermelon shortly.

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