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THE VOICE Is Not Your Voice

Posted Aug 04 2011 8:49pm

Reminder to self:

One difference between success and failure is being able to silence The Voice. No matter what you think you see on the outside of anyone else’s successes or achievements, inside is The Voice. Everyone has it. No one is immune. The difference is that successful people know that The Voice is not their voice. They know how to deal with The Voice.

They know when they need to tell the The Voice:

“shut the hell up!” or  ”fuck you!”

“bwahahahahaha…you think you’re all that…but let me me tell YOU something…NO YOU’RE NOT!”

“you’re not the boss of me!”

“it’s okay…we’re okay…”

Sometimes it’s about silencing and conquering The Voice and sometimes it about nurturing it and make sure that it feels safe.

Another reminder to self: when you shy away from, or avoid doing for yourself, you’re shying away from, or avoiding doing for others. When you “do” for yourself, you “do” for others. When you model reaching your goals, achievement and success, you empower everyone around you to do the same for themselves.




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