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The Unwanted Weight Monster Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

Posted Mar 01 2011 5:00am

Where there’s some unwanted weight to be lost, a monster is lurking. This monster is you. Well, it’s not you-you, but it is a part of you.

It roars its terrible roars. Gnashes its terrible teeth. (Thanks, Maurice) You betcha! It is there, right in you, below the surface—well, sometimes right at the surface too. It’s scary cry is “FEED ME, FEED ME”. Scary because it’s just the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The you-monster says, “successful weight loss be damned.” It’s not a very polite monster. A polite monster would have said “darn”. So, you see, either polite or impolite monster, it doesn’t matter. Your try to lose some weight goes right out the window…or more apropos, right back in the tummy, on the hips, thighs, butt, legs—wherever.

Is there a monster slayer? That’s the big question. Remember those dreams where you’re being chased, where your legs are strangely stuck and you can’t move to get away, and you’re frightening yourself to death? Does someone come to your rescue? No. You author it so that you wake up with a start. You get yourself out of the bad dream. It lingers, but you are safe.

It’s the same with the unwanted weight monster that is not only chasing you but resides within you. When will you wake yourself up from this bad dream?


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