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The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Learn From Your Mistakes

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:55am

by Maria's Last Diet

Every time you go on a new diet plan and you end up still overweight, or losing weight and then gaining it back, or not reaching your weight loss goal, you could consider your weight loss effort a failure.

But...every one of those "failures" is a teacher, and not just any teacher, the BEST kind of teacher.

From babyhood to your childhood to adolescence, to early adulthood to middle age and beyond, we learn from our mistakes. When we do the wrong things for ourselves, that is when we can see what the right things are.

If you are not at a healthy weight for yourself, a weight where you want to be, remember your last three diets. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Was it a good diet plan for you
  • Did you start the diet at a good time in your life
  • Did you plan what to do after a "cheat"
  • Did you have ways to keep up your weight loss motivation
  • Did you ask for dieting support
  • Did you practice stress reduction in other areas of your life
  • Did you give up on your weight loss diet plan too soon
  • Did you rely on the diet plan alone
  • Did you recognize smaller weight loss goals along the way
  • Di you include self rewards in your diet plan
  • Did you go into the diet wanting it to be a quick weight loss
  • Did you anticipate high risk eating situations
  • Did you tailor your weight loss diet plan to your personal needs
  • Did you put all the responsibility for a weight loss solution on the diet plan itself

If you are able to answer at least some of these questions, you will learn so much about yourself. What you learn will definitely make a difference the next time you diet -- maybe even the difference between succeeding and not succeeding.

The more you know...

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