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The Treadmill Provides a Future NSV

Posted Apr 14 2013 12:00am

The new treadmill is going to give me a future NSV.

You see, because of my weight and because it’s not super high-powered, the belt doesn’t move at the correct speed when I get on it. At first I was upset, but you know what they say about lemonade from lemons.

So I have it cranked up to 4mph and an incline of 4% just to get a good workout. (I adjusted the speed/incline for MFP for accuracy). It’s definitely a workout, though – I was sweating & huffing & puffing.


I even created a “place” on FB for the location of my treadmill so that I can check in every morning at 5am when I step on it. That way, I’m building in accountability with all my FB friends. Plus, I’ll have a public record of all of my accomplishments. This is why I always check in on FB when I go to the gym.

One day, when I weigh much less, the treadmill will move as it should. I can’t wait for that! For now, I’m making the best of it.

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