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The Seriously Anorexic Woman at the Gym

Posted Nov 15 2007 11:59pm 2 Comments

I was swimming at the gym yesterday and could not believe my eyes. A woman walked into the pool area with a body that was so drawn and thin that she literally looked like she had walked out of a concentration camp.

She had on a full red bathing suit so I got a very good look at her body. She wasn't young either. She had absolutely no body fat on her body whatsoever. She was maybe 5'4" but could have weighed 60 pounds. Her legs were like sticks and looked like they could barely support her thin body.

When she turned around, you could literally see her skeleton through her skin. You could see every nook and cranny of her spine. Her shoulder blades stuck out like thin jagged rocks.

I was so shocked and appalled I did not know what to do. I thought about saying something to her but what would be the point? She's either aware and trying to heal or in denial.

I also considered that perhaps she was suffering from an illness. Yet, if she were sick in that way, why would she be at the gym to workout?

Remember, when you are trying to lose weight: It is always better to be a little bit overweight than underweight. And that's an understatement.

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I always feel so sad when I see women who can barely support their bodies because they have teensy weensy stick legs. I feel like there's both a literal and metaphorical shrinking of oneself that's taking place--most anorexic women I know have issues with self-esteem and the desire to shrink themselves down into a package that isn't intimidating to others. Maybe the woman you saw is someone who is suffering from some kind of chronic illness and she's simply trying to get on the right track and be healthy? It's hard to say. It appalls me sometimes that there are actually women who think they look good. But more than anything, it makes me sad.
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