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The SeeFood Diet Plan Didn’t Really Work

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:38pm

You’ve all heard of the Adkins diet, the South Beach diet, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss. Have you heard of the SeeFood diet? That’s the one I stayed on the longest and the one I had the most success with. Here’s how the diet works. You SeeFood – you eat it. Get it? The Seefood diet. I followed that plan for all of my college life and several years into my married life. I ate a lot, ate impulsively and ate often. For me, breakfast used to  involve seeing the dessert I had prepared the night before, and eating the rest of it even before the children got up. Later that day, when I was preparing lunch, the children would say, “Can we have the cake from last night for dessert?” I would explain that it was gone, without going into detail as to what had happened to it. They always looked so disappointed that I would inevitably say, “But I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies for dinner tonight!” We’d all be excited by the prospect of cookies in a few hours. Lunch was sandwich(s), fruit and a whole bag of chips, washed down by a diet drink. Snacks throughout the day would be anything from biscuits made just for me, several slices of cheese toast, perhaps a few tastes of ice cream or entire sleeves of crackers. Day after day, year after year I followed the SeeFood diet, and predictably I got bigger and bigger.

I tried to stop eating everything I saw. I really tried to convince myself NOT to pull through the drive-thru restaurants every day, but I couldn’t seem to stop overindulging and getting fatter and fatter. I was tired and run down. My energy levels were low, both from the weight, and the lack of nutritious food. Yet to make myself feel better, I kept eating and eating, hoping in vain that something good would happen. A lot of good things did happen in my life, but not weight loss. As the scale moved from the 100’s into the 200’s, and from the 200’s to the 250’s and beyond, something happened to my self esteem and my desire for change. The weight got bigger and my self esteem got smaller. It was a vicious cycle that was very difficult to break and control.

What diet plan are you following? I’d encourage you to select a plan, like mine, that encourages losing weight in a healthy, reasonable manner.  And as important as a balanced diet is, there should also be the definite potential built right into the plan that year after year, for the rest of your life, you can maintain your weight by slightly modifying the plan. After all, you just want to lose weight once right?  When I first started losing weight by following my three point plan I wanted something that I didn’t “complete.” I knew if I completed my weight loss and finished the commercial program, I would feel mentally finished with eating that particular way. But losing weight by eating real foods, prepared by a real person (myself) and learning the value of exercise I have been able to continue to maintain my weight loss for a long time. I learned the fat lesson, learned to put food in its rightful place, and quit using the SeeFood diet as a solution to all my issues.

If you are on the path to weight loss success start thinking now how you will continue your plan for the years to come. If you are just beginning your journey, select a weight loss program or plan that is realistic and offers the potential for long term success rather than short term bursts of happiness. Hopefully you are off the SeeFood diet, and onto healthy eating and living life to its fullest!  Diane

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