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The Secret Life of Your Liver (Recipes Day III )

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:04pm


Being as this is a slightly different way of eating I thought it would be a good idea to do some more on this topic so here goes.


Upon rising have a glass of hot lemon juice, or dandelion tea,

or coffee.

Fruit salad


1 x apple
1x pear
1x juiced lemon
1x banana
1x orange


Most fruit that will have been spayed with pesticides will tend to have the residue on the skin so you can either wash it or, take the skin off. Chop the apple and pear into chunks and peel the banana you can slice this if it is better for you, cut the orange into four segments, add all the fruit to a cereal bowl and add the lemon juice coating all the fruit and serve.

Mid morning snack

Small bag of walnuts and a peach or nectarine


Poached eggs and potatoesmashed or thinly sliced potatoes


1x potato either normal potato or a sweet potato, sweet potatoes contain more nutrition so would be better
2x free range eggs or non free range
1x olive oil
1x vegetable stock or you can use water
1x some salt and black pepper


Dice the potato until soft and then mash it until it’s nice and fluffy, add a small amount of olive oil add the stock and or water until you have a good consistency, add some seasoning to add taste to it.

Poach the eggs in a egg poacher or you can poach them in a saucepan with water, serve the mash potato on a plate and add the two poached eggs on top add some black pepper this is optional some people may not like black pepper.

Afternoon snack

Have a cup of dandelion tea or coffee with a orange

Late supper or tea

Spanish omelette

You can make a plain omelette or use this particular recipe


1x six eggs
1x teaspoon of olive oil
1x onion chopped fine
1x green and red bell peppers
1x three cooked potatoes which will need top be diced
1x assorted vegetables if you have any to add more flavour


Heat up some olive oil up and fry the onions and add the bell peppers sliced if you prefer, and cook these until there quite soft. Add to this the potatoes which need to be diced beforehand, add more vegetables if you have them and stir.

Get a bowl or container and beat the eggs together with a whisk, until the mixture is yellow, season this and now pour this over the vegetables, and stir so they become covered in the mixture, leave to cook for a while on a low heat so it doesn’t burn.

When its cooked beneath turn it over gently, and cook the other side and serve it with the potatoes or rice preferably brown if you have some.

Have a drink of hot lemon or peppermint tea

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The Secret Life of Your Liver (Recipes Day III )

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