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The Secret Life of Your Liver Part II (Recipes)

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:04pm


This post follows on from Thursdays the secret life of your liver here are the recipes


Have a drink of lemon juice with hot water, make sure it’s fresh lemon and not full of sugar and additives, you could get some fresh lemons juice them and then add some hot water.

Supplements; Milk Thistle has long been known for it’s powerful liver detoxing properties you don’t have to take this it’s merely just a suggestion.

Mixed fruit salad served with mint leaves


2 oranges which will need squeezing

5 mint Leaves

Some berries of your choosing examples are rasberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries or any others that are to your liking, and it would be better if there in season but it’s not esential fresher is always better


Mix the mint leaves with the orange juice from the oranges that you squeezed, get a bowl and wash the fruit which you chose then, pour the orange juice over the mixed fruit and top with a piece of the mint.

Mid morning snack

1 x apple

if you want to have a drink try dandelion coffee or tea, or water with lemon juice in chilled or hot water which ever you prefer.


A beetroot salad


4 pieces of fresh beetroot you can buy it fresh and cook it or in packs of four vacuum packed

Some fresh apple juice or some fresh lemon juice

1 x iceberg lettuce tear into small pieces

1x piece of parsley


Grate the beetroot this could be a bit messy if you buy it vaccum packed if this is the case then, just slice it with a knife into small chunks. Mix the beetroot and the lemon juice and serve this with the lettuce, put the beetroot on top of the lettuce and use the parsley as garnish to finish it off.


1x pear or any other citrus fruit of your choosing

Drink, peppermint tea or dandelion tea

Supper or late tea

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes,


2x pieces of wholemeal bread

1 onion

1 x mushrooms

1x tomato

1x water cress


Put some milk in a bowl and add the eggs whisk the eggs and milk until all the egg yolks have mixed in with the milk, pour this into a saucepan and gently heat until it goes, fluffy or you can put it into a microwaveable container and cook on full power for 3-4 min works just as well.

Toast the wholemeal bread, cook the onions in some olive oil or some light oil you don’t need a lot of oil add the mushrooms to the onions and mix them, drain the mushrooms and onions and serve with the toasted bread and scrambled eggs. Top with a sliced tomato and some water cress to finish.

If you just try a variation of this on alternate days your energy levels will rocket and it will feel like your walking on air just try it and see.

Combine this method of eating and drinking, and you will wonder why you used to eat and drink the way you did before.

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The Secret Life of Your Liver Part II (Recipes)

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