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The Secret Healthy Eating Guideline To Accelerate Fat Loss

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:02pm


essential fats and krill oil Any successful healthy weight loss diet plan will tell you that there is no magic pill when it comes to weight loss.  In their weight loss tips though they should be discussing this healthy weight loss tip.  Recent studies have shown a well-known supplement is proving to be very beneficial in enhancing your healthy weight loss diet plan. 

The phenomenal health benefits of essential fatty acids have been known for some time now, but what’s almost startling is the recent research citing powerful weight loss benefits as well.  In a May 2007 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it mentions this, “The test group which incorporated essential fatty acids into their weight-loss plan lost more body fat than all the other test groups combined.”  This is huge no matter what healthy weight loss diet you may be following. 

While it is not known exactly why essential fatty acids – termed essential because they cannot be produced by the body and must be consumed through diet – enhance weight loss efforts, I believe it can be due to several breakthrough reasons:

1.  DHA has been shown to prevent the conversion of pre-adipocytes(pre-fat cells) to adipocytes (fat cells) and mediate pre-adipocyte death (kill ‘em before they become immortal fat cells).

2.  Fish oil has the ability to increase the clearance of chylomicrons (certain type of fat cell) and fats following a meal. This potentially can have a positive effect on substrate utilization (fat usage).

3.  Fish oil can "artificially" decrease heart rate thus increasing the level of exertion needed to reach desired intensity.  Essentially you burn more overall calories.  This was shown to be true in a recent study completed in Australia looking at the impact of exercise and fish oil on weight loss.  The researchers found that the combination of exercise and fish oil led to an increase in fat loss. 

4.  Fish oil upregulates mitochondrial machinery and increases oxidation of fats within fat cells.  This wonderful process means your body burns more fat as energy instead of storing it. 

essential fatty acid fish oil pills or krill oil

With the overwhelming clinical research pointing to the need for essential fatty acid supplementation, most fitness enthusiasts should be incorporating them into their healthy weight loss diets and any healthy eating plans.  As for recommending a brand of fish oil I have to admit I am biased as I am the director of research and development for Prograde Nutrition.  So I recommend EFA Icon.  It is a krill oil that’s an extremely potent and pure source of these almost miraculous fats which will help you become thin. The overall health benefits of this product are so outrageous it would be silly for me not to prescribe them to just about every one of my clients.  Add this to your list of healthy eating guidelines

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS
America’s Trusted Weight Loss Expert

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