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The Scoop on Diet Supplements

Posted by Tracii H.

Diet supplements have been around for ages and come in every form--pills, shakes, juices, powders, and countless others. Do they help reduce weight? Some definitely do. Pills containing stimulants like amphetamine, ephedrine, caffeine, and others speed the body's metabolism and help burn calories more quickly...but at what cost? If these supplements worked safely, they would be hailed miracle drugs and everyone would be thin, energetic, and in great health; sadly, this is not the case. Many diet products speed up the pulse, increase blood pressure, cause dehydration, and worse. People have died from strokes and other cardiovascular emergencies caused by diet supplements. Some are extremely addictive; others don't work at all. Each claims to be a wonder drug, marketed as an energy, beauty, youth, and weight-loss panacea, but none can rival the choice to eat nutritious, whole foods, exercise, and live a drug-free lifestyle.
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