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The Santa Monica Stairs on Entrada Drive

Posted May 15 2009 10:01pm

A few weeks ago I was in California on some Fat Man business. My host suggested we take a drive to the Santa Monica Stairs. I had no idea what that was, but he said it was one of the most grueling workouts in Santa Monica. From what he said it reminded me of the myriad of steps/stairs located around NYC.

He pulled up at the top of the stairs and told me he’d meet me at the bottom. I was not dressed in any workout attire but decided to do it anyway. I must have seen about 10 different people going up and down the steps. Some panting like if they just ran a marathon, others barely able to lift their legs to get to the next step. All I did was go down them to Entrada Drive and felt the sweat beads building on my forehead. It was like a never-ending stair climber, but outdoors with great scenery.

I’ve read that people drive for miles just to get the burn that the stairs deliver. Next time I’ll be doing a few more sets. The video didn’t do the stairs any justice, since it made it seem like it was only two flights. But believe me, it was A TON more.

Have you been to the Santa Monica Stairs? Walked them? Barfed? Let me know.

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The Santa Monica Stairs on Entrada Drive

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