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The safest running route ever

Posted Jun 26 2009 7:00pm
Since I started C25K again in the end of May, I have been running the same route for every single one of my runs here in Heidelberg. The last time I did C25K here (week 3 - 5) I always picked the route along the river because it is ideal for running and other activities, but lately I have simply run a round around the campus. The reason I am sticking with this route is that it is lit at night and quite a few times I have gone for my runs when it was getting dark already. Another reason is that the distance actually works out perfect for my runs so far. I leave at my building and when I am done with the run I am back at my building. (Another silly reason is actually that I figured running along the street is easier to map on Google Maps, but uuuh, whatever! Haha.)

One funny thing about this route is it is probably the safest route I have ever run. Not just because it is lit, and along the street so someone would likely see me if I fell or injured myself in some other way (the route along the river is so popular I would not have any trouble getting help there either) - I run without a cellphone so this is a factor I consider.

The other reason is that I live on the university campus. That is, the campus that holds pretty much all of the facilities of the Heidelberg University Hospital. On my route I pass by:
The Children's Hospital (old building), the Hospital for Internal Medicine, a building site for the new Gynecological Department building, the Children's Hospital (new building), the Head Hospital, the Surgical Department, and the German Cancer Research Center. All that on a 2 mile run. And I see plenty of ambulances on every run. So I think it's pretty safe to say that if I managed to injure myself on this run, I'd probably get help within a minute or two.

I sometimes joke that if I ever have a household accident, I even get to pick between two hospitals that are each less than five minutes walking distance from my house.
Obviously I don't want anything to happen to me, and so far I have been pretty lucky in my life (*knocks on wood*) but you never know.

One drawback of that route is that I do run along the street and have to cross it two or three times, but since it is all on campus, the streets are not very busy. The route along the river is better in that regard as it is completely separate from the streets, and there is a path leading to it from my house (I live right by the river). When the weather is nice, it tends to be really crowded though, with runners, bikers and walkers, so runs can turn into a bit of an obstacle run.
I am glad I live in such a running-friendly neighborhood, though.
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