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The reason folks put off the healthy lifestyle...

Posted Oct 15 2013 12:34pm
Biggest reason people don't fully commit to getting in shape
➜ including maintaining an exercise program with conscious eating ||

they BELIEVE they cannot SUSTAIN it

Here are 3 ways to change this belief :: 

(Get)       1. Community support ( teacher, trainer, friend) 

(Always)  2. Advance-schedule - plan

(Totally)   3. Use your good senses
1.  You cannot sustain much without support,   whether it be a consistent exercise program, a loving relationship, or raising a healthy child.  
You need support from those who are aligned with your goals and ideals to achieve anything and sustain excellence.
We are spiritually designed to flourish through connection.  Be clear that the connections you make are with those who encourage,not diminish.
my beLOvedBODy principle ✶ ::  Find a tribe that aligns with your vibe!
2.   We are what we do habitually.  So, make a weekly plan or advance-schedule your workouts and your meals.  
Follow The RiT! ✶   (The RiT is the weekly RITUAL of 8 behaviors and habits for a healthy BOD, see bottom for website!) 
If you are left to your own whims and cravings, you will surely stray to your emotions to direct your health.  
Consider the many distractions in life - stress, time constraints, varied environments, hormones, other people's opinions.   Life is a recipe for erratic, inconsistent choices.
Have a plan. Live by it.  
It's easier.
3.   Employ your senses :: sight, smell, sound, touch, taste!
Visualize the way you wish to look - every day.
Train yourself to enjoy the smell of healthy food.  Train yourself to know that the smell of old grease stinks.  Don't eat it.  
Train yourself to enjoy the smell of baked goods without yearning to devour them.   Remember The RiT and follow it!
Listen to your inner wisdom telling you to LOve yourself by making healthy decisions.   Do not listen to other people's agendas ( unless they are supporting your inner wise one).
Take baths, get massages, look in the mirror at your BOD OFTEN!! 
Wear clothes that fit, especially when you exercise.  You need to see the BOD you're sculpting.   The more you avoid looking at yourself, the more distance you'll create with your BOD.
Enjoy food - in small portions.  Use herbs and spices to enhance favors. Celebrate eating without guilt or gluttony!
You deserve to live healthy.  Choose regular exercise and eat consciously.  
Your good health is sustainable with a plan, some help, and a little good sense!
blowin' kisses to ya,
your trainer ::
michelle bernard   ✶ go here and click on The RiT and beLOvedBODy
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