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The Real World Ain't So Real

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
I've been watching the new season of The Real World (Brooklyn) . Truth be told, I'm honestly enjoying it. The show went downhill for a very long time, but I think this season has brought back a lot of the great qualities that the first few seasons had. I've only seen three episodes, so that may all change by the time I'm caught up with the rest of the episodes, but it's quite addicting as of right now.

There is one thing about The Real World though, that continues to not be all that real. I've never seen a fat person on this show. I've gotta give casting some props for at least trying to cast a diverse group of people. Generally every season has a couple people who aren't Caucasian, one gay person, and of course your necessary religious extremist. The problem? These people all look like they are fucking supermodels.

I understand that MTV wants to attract the largest audience possible, but it's ironic that a show all about "getting real" doesn't actually cast people who represent the general population. Around 30% of Americans are obese, yet in The Real World this statistic doesn't exist. No wonder eating disorders are so prevalent in American teenagers; shows like The Real World completely alter their standards of beauty.

Anyway, I'm done ranting lol. I did really well yesterday night with not overeating too much when I went out with some friends. I revised my plan yet again, and it seems to be working for now. I'm sticking with seven small meals a day, each being around 350 calories, which gives me a total of 2450 calories a day. I'm allowing one of those meals to be a "junk meal", but I'm not letting the junk calories roll over to the next day if I don't use them. Denise basically predicted that by accumulating those calories, it would possibly lead to a binge, which kind of happened lol. So, I'm taking her advice by keeping a "set" number of calories each day towards junk food.

I've also decided that if I'm still hungry a few hours after my last meal during the day, I will eat another small meal (a healthy one of course) because I'm trying to get better at listening to my body's hunger signals.

My CT scan came back completely normal, which is a relief, but I'm still scheduled to see the gastroenterologist at the beginning of March. I've also got a doctor's appointment on Monday for my knee pain. Ugh, there are all kinds of issues I need to get taken care of.

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