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The Real Truth About Weight Loss Pills

Posted May 31 2008 8:02am 1 Comment

Weight Loss Pills

This is something we see almost anywhere, the television, shops, magazines, online. Weight loss pills have taken the world by storm. Why is that so? People in this generation want to look slim and lean and companies do know that. To make use of this golden chance to get rich, they will try anything to promote weight loss pills to people, neglecting the side effects it can cause.

What are weight loss pills and what do they do?

If you are reading this and you don’t know what is a weight loss pill, keep it up that way. Stay away from them at all cost. Basically from that name, it is a type of pill which comes in all kinds of size, shapes and colour but share the same bold promise; to reduce your weight by just taking a few of them per day.

Most of the weight loss pills are the same. They can surpress your appetite and even increase your basal metabolic rate. But hey, that sounds real good! WRONG. Cocaine can do that too, including some other stimulants. Some weight loss pill can also reduce the amount of water in your body, making you look skinnier. But the truth is that your body will probably be screwed and those excess body fat will still be there. Talk about losing weight healthily.

Are weight loss pills effective then?

I would say yes and no. Yes being that it might be affective in surpressing your appetite. But think of the side effects that come along with it, sexual dysfunction, easily agitated, can’t get to sleep and a lot more. It seems that it is more of a destructive pill than an effective pill.

I must remind you all that it is not worth it to sacrifice your health for losing weight especially when there are so many proven and healthier ways to lose weight. One good example would be HIIT, which is very effective in burning fat. Way healthier and better than popping a pill! Now, if you have a bottle of weight loss pills somewhere in your house, I am sure you know what to do, right?

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I used to be pretty obese and started putting on a lot of weight especially on my thighs and bottom in my late thirties. I started exercising as often as possible and also cut down on a lot of high calorie stuff. Unfortunately I hardly managed to lose any weight at all. I then recently read an article by a lady who claimed that she managed to lose nearly half of her weight using a particular weight loss product. I tried it out and it actually worked really well. Within 4 months I managed to shave off 65 pounds completely. The results were pretty amazing and I feel so much healthier and energetic now without having to carry all that extra weight around. You can read more about the lady's article at the link below
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