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The randomness of Tuesday

Posted Aug 27 2013 8:06pm

I just had some random thoughts for today.

** New sandals!  I bought a new dress and wanted a pair of casual sandals to go with.  I found these at K-mart and they are very comfy.  Of course, I have to wear them with socks, although  I won’t do that with the dress :D


I be stylin’!!

** My Altoids yelled at me today.  I just replenished my stash and opened up the new tin:



Damn! What is that all about?

** I feel like I have balloon friends.  Every night that I have done an evening ride lately, there has been at least one hot air balloon.  This was tonight’s ride. Usually I am closer to them than this.


It’s funny, they have no idea I exist, but I always say “Hi Balloon!” when I see them.

** Lastly, the kittens, oh the kittens!  They were on the neighbor’s back stoop, which is sheltered and protected (and only can be seen from our house and no one else’s.  I zoomed in for this pic. The house currently is vacant and I think these guys might be living in the garage, but I am not sure.  Look at how young the momma is.



After while, Pixie got all antsy and I saw little Cheddar bopping around the bushes at our driveway.  I took this from inside the house. He is very scared of people.



This is killing me.  I really, really don’t want to get on the stray bandwagon again.  Really  I don’t. It’s expensive and emotionally draining.  I am really hoping that someone else takes care of these guys.  I haven’t seen them since Saturday, so maybe someone has taken them in.  However, if they are around when the weather gets cold, number 1 sucker will be out there with the food and shelter.

Pixie just wanted to stress that she is the queen of the manor.



No kittehs allowed!

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