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The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Exercise

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:33pm

2410552687_0b75d837b7[1] Getting regular exercise is one of the most key components to losing weight and keeping it off not only that, but there other benefits ones that we probably never even realised existed I stopped exercising for quite a long time and it’s amazing how you can feel once you don’t do  any, sometimes in our society we seem to enjoy crashing out in front of the television and we can tend to stay there if we aren’t careful.

Did you know that watching television for long periods of time can make you eat more food. Here are some more benefits of exercise.

  • A over all feeling of wellness and well-being, you may have better self-esteem, feel more confident
  • Have improved focus and be able to do more tasks, and become more energetic and organised
  • Less likely to become stressed or anxious and feel overwhelmed by little things in life, like you used to before is
  • Able to take life in your stride and you will probably feel less frustrated than if you don’t do any exercise
  • Your immune system will be a lot stronger than it used to be especially during the winter months, you’re far more less likely to catch a cold or any other virus for that matter
  • Far less likely to have a stroke or any other heart related problems, as regular exercise improve your heart function dramatically
  • Less likely to suffer from depression this is for two main reasons, when you exercise it releases endorphins into your bloodstream which act upon your brain, and give you that feel good feeling, also when you are exercising you have to focus on what you’re doing, and if you’re outside then you will feel so much better, this will stop you ruminating if you are at home are not doing very little else
  • Regular exercise increases bone density and also makes the body more supple, have you ever noticed that when you’re sitting around for a long period of time you can start to get cramp in your legs, the reason for this is because your muscles become tighter and less elastic if you are not using them
  • You will sleep better if you have you irregular sleep patterns it can cause weight gain studies have proved this quite extensively
  • You may come into contact with other people who do the same thing whether you’re jogging on a park, or going to they aerobics class, this can help with your mental well-being, people who isolate themselves are far more likely to have mental health problems
  • You’re far less likely to develop back problems in the long-term

If this isn’t convincing enough the statistics say it all

  • Over 60 million people are now known to have weight problems
  • In any given year one a half million people are known to have a heart attack
  • More people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year that figure is approximately and 95,000
  • Over 50 million people now have high blood pressure
  • Adult onset diabetes which means if you are overweight and have a waist size of more than 36 inches for a man you could be one of those 8 million people whom have it
  • Heart disease over 13 1/2 million people have coronary heart problems
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