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The Overweight Teen on Dr. Phil

Posted by Stephanie B.

I don't normally watch Dr. Phil but caught it tonight while flipping through channels. There was a teenager featured on the show who was over 350 pounds and her mother kept throwing her hands up in the air saying she couldn't control what the kid ate. Meanwhile, this mother was feeding her daughter loads of pasta and other fattening junk.

The whole thing blew my mind. I don't understand what's going on in some parents minds that they can't put their foot down to provide positive discipline. Or worse, they actively do things that hurt their children. Very sad.

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I used to be in love with junk food - but after becoming a mother, I have really tried hard (and succeeded) at not bringing junk food home. Because I felt if I am having a can of coke, I cannot expect my kids to reach for that glass of milk. Or if I want them to eat healthy, I need to take out time to make sure there are healthy food options available in the house. It is not very easy, but extremely important.
I used to love junk food too, and truth is it's hard to give it up completely. As my scale crept toward 200 pounds, however, I realized it was time for a change, and made that change. I don't eat junk food the way I used to, and I don't plan on giving it to my children the way it was provided to me (although, I did have a fantastic metabolism as a child-I never gained a pound....still the cholesterol was through the roof!) That even includes sugary cereals. I don't want to start them at a young age toward potential health problems in their young adulthood and adulthood. I agree, it's important for parents to start their children on a healthy path.
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