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The Outdoor Gym the Natural Way To Get Fit

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:02pm

movnat No matter what kind of exercise you do doing some form of exercise, is better than doing none at all especially if you are trying to get rid of excess weight, lower cholesterol levels and improve cardiovascular function.

Just the other day something really caught my eye, I was looking at my stats in my web hosting and there was a link to a site so I followed it and and on this particular site there was a video of a man, doing his work out in the outdoors no treadmills, no exercise machines, no dumbbells, nothing associated with the modern way of exercising was seen at all during the whole presentation of the video.

Watching this really did make me think about how we do exercise in the modern world, and actually how beneficial it really is. This man whose name is Erwan Le Corre who was featured in the video is incredibly fit, probably fitter than some athletes are, the main reason for it seems to be the way he does his exercise routine.

At the end of this post I have embedded a video the very same one which I watched so you can see yourself exactly what he does, I think one of the main reasons is that he is so fit is because he uses all of the muscles in his body when he is exercising, he climbs trees, runs over bridges, lifts his own body weight using the edge of overhanging rock, swims whilst manouvering a log, bends and lowers his back in forage or bushes.

To watch him is quite fascinating really because it’s like seeing somebody who may of behaved thousands of years ago, when they were hunting down moving prey all those years ago. On the website which is called MovNat which stands for move naturally they say on their that we as human beings live in a zoo mentality which they say is a revolving and global problem which is affecting people the world over they say it’s caused by quite a few factors which are social conventions, technological environments, and overall commercial pressure.

The way we live our lives now we are constantly disconnected from the natural world which isn’t how we should be as we have become zoo humans over the years it affects us in three ways mentally, physically and spiritually.What other signs are there of zoo syndrome well glad you asked because may have frequent illnesses, be overweight and have a general lack of vitality.

MovNat which is Erwans institute for educating people want’s people to be free in what they do and empower people to be happy, free and strong like they where supposed to be many years ago. When you think about it we do tend to live in what I call a box mentality, we live in-house boxes, with rooms which are like boxes. And every so often we will come out of our boxes walk up our concrete road past concrete houses, maybe to visit one of our friends who is in another box, or we may go to a shop box, and buy some foods which are in boxes as well.

Is it any wonder then that we tend to feel the way we do we spend far too much time indoors supposedly entertaining ourselves when in fact in this reality we are not at all we just had to make ourselves worse by living in this zoo mentality is that we have created

Erwan says that our bodies are not what he calls “smart” when you have a smart body it moves from one physical task to another which such fluidity that it’s almost seamless, If you where being chased by a ravenous animal or trying to avoid a flood situation and wasn’t able to get your body five feet off the ground this could be the finite line between either being safe or not.

Our modern day methods of working out, are very impractical and domesticated, he adds what practical use are gym generated muscles apart from using them for show or as he puts it we use them as “show dogs” which have no real practical use in the real world.

What real purpose are there for gym generated muscles in this world of ours except putting money in the pockets of gym owners and the people who manufacture them. He goes on to say the he has met many a man who can bench press 400 pounds, but would have a hard time climbing up to a window and rescuing someone or.

People who can run marathons but always have to put there shoes on first before they do anything, or swimmers who can swim for long lengths of time but wouldn’t be able to dive that deep and carry someone to safety and carry them over rocks to safety.

Being fit isn’t about how big your body is or how far you can run “It’s about rediscovering our biological nature and releasing the wild human animal inside.”

Studies based around natural movements

In the year of 1902, someone called Georges Hebert whom at the time was a French naval officer, and was stationed at a Caribbean island at one point, on the eighth of May on that particular year and then he noticed as well as his crew members, that a dark cloud was looming over the island but it wasn’t raining or anything else.

This A volcano had erupted and there was melting ash everywhere in the streets on people it was quite a horrific scene. In this terrifying inferno was Hebert and is men trying to scramble ashore, and amongst the panic of all the people he tried this to rescue as many people as he possibly could.

Hebert gained hero status from the people of the island, because of his actions on that day. But he reflected quite some time afterwards about the people that were lost during this horrific incident.

He eventually returned home to his home country and was quite surprised when he was looking around at people, he could see the same weaknesses in the people that were lost when he was on the island.

He thought about the fact that if the same thing happened there, how many people would be able to carry somebody on their shoulder over a set distance to safety.

Or many other scenarios which came to his mind, he believed the modern world was producing hollow men whom were more interested in vanity, rather than being people of practical ability he would be able to do so much more if there was some kind of natural disaster similar to what happened on the island where he was.

He became incredibly motivated to change this situation and being as he was in the Navy deemed it an ideal opportunity to try new things with his recruits, so he asked the people in charge of the Navy the time what he had in mind as far as figures was concerned and asked for their permission to try something.

So having so many recruits to use as guinea pigs he called his system quite simply Methode Naturelle which means natural method. His philosophy for this method of exercise was “be strong and useful”.

What he needed to do next was decide how he was going to accomplish this, so he designed a outdoor assault course using natural implements, he created climbing tower was made from wood from trees, vaulting horses is made from trees logs. Also they were ponds and and logs placed about which could be used for tossing etc or carrying around on your shoulder or for balancing as well.

He said he set up one rule in this natural assault course of his, this “no are are a competing against other men” his reasoning for this was when you compete against the other guy you are trying to show his weaknesses instead of your own which is a very valid point.

After a few years had passed the whole of the French Navy was using his system to train its new recruits, In 1913 he presented his results before the French Physical Education Congress, and they were astounded with what was said to them. His results which were based around 350 naval recruits which had never been subject to a system before.

Were monitored and the results recorded to see exactly how fit they were before and after, based on a rating system which which scored the following attributes, these were based upon the following elements speed, agility, and overall insurance the French sailors were in the fitness level is the same as world-class decathletes.

However this never really made it into the real world because just as he was about to put his training into real-world scenarios the First World War broke out, and many of the recruits who were trained in this method were put on the front line and were up against Germans with machine guns and grenades.

Most of the trainers and other people associated with the superior method of training were eventually wiped out during the war Hebart was naturally devastated, because he really knew that he had something at the time and in a way it was way ahead of its time.

Perhaps from many years ago we were hardwired to exercise this way, but instead now we use cyborg type machines to do exercise and build bodies which look like pumped up Michelin Men which has no practical purpose whatsoever and is merely a vain thing which we think we need to do.

if you look at a dog when it is exercising it likes to do a variety of things, like run fetch a stick or a ball, and this is more like play rather than exercise is it really surprising that if the animal did the same exercise it might get bored eventually and stop doing it, perhaps sometimes this is what is wrong with our modern day way of exercising we do it indoors.

And don’t really exercise every part of our body like we should be doing. At the end of this post is the video I was referencing from the beginning I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did and I can say one thing for sure it really did inspire me and make me think about the way, I exercise and I hope it does the same for you and perhaps in some ways inspire you to try something different for a change and get away from the zoo mentality that we tend to have in our modern day way of life.


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The Outdoor Gym the Natural Way To Get Fit

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