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The onion is something that you ...

Posted Sep 13 2008 6:29am

The onion is something that you may or may not pay much attention to what once you have read this article, it may make you see it in a different light, sometimes when you read things it tends to make you think about them more, as in what you’re actually eating rather than just eating the food and not knowing the potential benefits of said food, after all good food can be considered to be nature’s medicine so without further ado here are the five reasons to eat onions.

1. The number one reason heart health, onions are known to boost HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol which means you’re less likely to get blood clots, may help to lower blood pressure also.

2. If you suffer with diabetes onions can help to stabilise blood sugar, which in turn could stop the onset of it.

3. Onions contain sulphides, which can provide protection against cancer’s namely stomach cancer and bowel cancer, in countries such as China where they eat a lot of onions, they have less incidences of stomach cancer in their country compared to others, in the Netherlands a cross-section of men and women were studied with those who ate onions and those who didn’t the ones who ate onions were far less likely to get stomach cancer than those who didn’t eat them.

4. Onions are rich in minerals, they contain good amounts of vitamin C. also contain fibre, vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, copper.

5. Very low in calories another good reason to eat them as an aid to weight loss, also known to help kill bacteria that may cause colds and other nasties during the winter months.

There are many recipes that you can incorporate onions into one of my favourites is as mentioned in a previous post are onion bhajis, which are quite easy to make and a great snack to eat in between meals, but there are numerous other recipes that you could incorporate onions into, spring onions are very nice with a salad in the summer sky’s the limit really, as far as onions are concerned.

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