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The number one way to get the weight off...

Posted Sep 10 2013 8:00pm


 I am a certified trainer and teacher of exercise and yoga - 15 + years in the making.  Some of my students assume I have always been in shape and never worried about the dread of holiday dinners, the doctor telling you to get it together, or the jeans that you can't sit down in without cutting off your breathing.

Believe me when I say, I haven't always known how to trim my fat a*s.  I learned in my mid-twenties ( I'm rocking 45 now) from an aerobic teacher who pointed her finger and said," Get off that treadmill and get in my class."

I needed that.  I needed her.  

One year later, I looked like a new person.  Mentally and physically, I was.


The one thing everybody needs to effectively lose the unwanted body-fat (because that's what we should focus on losing, not necessarily " weight") is some HELP in the form of a teacher, a trainer, or a trustworthy friend.

In order to sustain fat-loss, you need to be in constant contact with someone knowledgeable about real fitness and food.  You need constant inspiration.  You need to be challenged to grow strong, wiser, and more aware of your body, form and alignment, healthy food, portions, and various aspects of maintenance.  


But listen.  Here's the best part of getting a teacher, trainer, or trustworthy friend onboard with your amazing lifestyle :: being connected is what life is all about.  

Connection is life.

support one another. --  your trainer, michelle bernard 

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