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The Next Step.. Better Nutrition

Posted Nov 14 2012 11:22pm

I've been on my journey now for about 3 years.. Wow. Seems like yesterday I was standing in the grocery line looking through a magazine hating myself for how I'd let myself go.. Dreaming about one day making a change. Sept 2009, I had no idea that in Dec 2009 I'd decide to finally make that change start happening!

I made the commitment to myself and to my family.. Changes have been made and I will never ever EVER turn around and go back to the person I used to be. There are about a million reasons why, but bottom line is I am a happier person now that I used to be. When I'm happy, seems everyone around me is happy. Funny how that works... ;)

I've been really focusing on weight training for the last few months and I have NOTHING bad to say about it. It's helped me realize that I am stronger than I ever thought possible! It's a rewarding experience every single week when I see that I have progressed from the previous week. When I walk into the gym and hear the weights clanking, it gets me real excited!

There is no doubt that I love to workout.. where I could use some work though is with my intake. So here's the deal...

Start Paying better attention to everything I put in my mouth. I'm good at eating clean about 85% of the time.. I can make some improvements here. But you won't find me cutting out all carbs or sugar or any of that. Not for me. Just more greens and getting the protein I need.

I've read several articles by Jamie Eason and I'm thinking she's pretty amazing! She lays out quite a bit of awesome information on She even shares quite a few recipes . Have you seen Jamie Eason? Yes, she's a fitness model and No, I don't want to look just like her. I do, however, like what she has to say. She says it in a way that makes sense to me. I've also created a BodySpace account through the BodyBuilding site and I'm tracking workouts there.

I am also following quite a few EAT CLEAN pages on Facebook.. There is tons of info and support at my fingertips and I know if I use it, I will succeed. It's just a matter of setting my mind to it.

I got this.

Workout for the week
Day 1 Upper Body
Day 2 Cardio
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Lower Body
Day 5 Cardio
Day 6 Full Body
Day 7 Rest

and repeat!

I've got a workout plan written down and I'm ready to put it to action starting next week!

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