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The more I excercise the more I gain weight. What's wrong?

Posted by Vanny K.

I started exercising everyday. It looks like I gain more weight. I even adjust my diet to eat more veggies and fruits.
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No worries, Vanny. If you're exercising every day, you're likely building muscle. What do you the majority of your workouts include? If it's strength training, that could explain the numbers increasing on the scale-but don't let that bring you down. Strength training helps rev up your metabolism, so you're doing a great thing for your body. And if you haven't already, you'll likely see yourself beginning to lose inches, even though the weight loss reflected on the scale may not be what you hope just yet.

Do you walk as part of your fitness regimen? Walking was one of the key things that kicked off my weight loss of eventually 40 pounds. Adding or increasing your walking will likely help you see the results you want, and it's a great time to start with the gorgeous Spring weather headed our way!

I have this same problem...i feel like my weight number never goes down. It can be quite depressing at times. I am unfortunatley my fathers daughter and i am built like him. I am soilid almost complete muscle, broad, and i feel like i am fat. I have come to terms that i cant worry about the number but more how you feel, maybe by clothing sizes i know that helped me see improvment...when i dropped a size didnt mean i lost a number. Keep trying and remember chances are you are just rock solid...inherited from the family....
Try measuring in addition to weighing. When you're building muscle often your size decreases long before the scale shows satisfactory results.
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