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The Matter of the Meathead and the Digital Diva or Nothing Good Ever Comes of What Happens After 2am

Posted Jan 01 2013 11:28pm

I seem to have found myself in a rather precarious position. Back in September I shared the news that after only two wild weeks, the matter of the Meathead and the Digital Diva was over. Well, shortly after what was supposed to be the end of my journey to Sexytown with the jock-of-all-shags, he and I found ourselves fumbling with the lights on yet again. What’s worse? I’d even started to develop feeeeelings for him. I’ll pause for a collective exasperation-fuelled sigh.

Under normal circumstances one might think that would result in me wasting valuable “real” man-hunting time waiting at home to hear from him whilst he keeps things between us commitment-free. Well, I’m not one to waste my awesomeness sitting at home waiting to be one of the goon’s many go-to girls. Instead, I’ve become a bit of a dating machine myself.

I'm not a player I just blog a lot

Over the past few months I’ve been meeting lots of lovely men – the Politician, the Geeky Gamer, the Fixer-Upper, and the Submissive MBA to name a few – and the dating game has been getting pretty interesting for me. Sadly though, none of these candidates have hit my yes button in quite the same way as the Meathead…

Now, before you go all Judgey Judgerson on my ass, I feel that I must clarify that at no point have I actually allowed these studs to score on me – I’m not one to be keeping the company of more than one man at a time…I am, after all, a lady.

It seems the Meathead safely occupies the primal part of my brain so that the intellectual side of my brain can focus on the personalities of my paramours rather than what they’re packing in their pants. I’m a whole lot less concerned about whether or not I’m good enough to meet their criteria for coupledom and altogether more concerned about by own. AND I get to do it all whilst dating multiple guys without any sexual tension to cloud my judgement. It’s the perfect strategy…(I think…)

All of this scouting for boys has certainly be exciting. Alas, it’s left me wanting and without a sufficient pick for my dating draft. Some might say the Meathead is making it difficult for me to keep my head in the game and stopping me from seeing what the other players have to offer. Others might see him as a crutch. I would argue that I’m wheeling the way any single woman with my stats should be. It’s amazing what a little confidence will do, eh?

In my defense, I’ve tried to call time on gongshows with the gorgeous goon a few times. But something just keeps me keen on post-2am meetups with Meathead from Small Town, ON. How does that saying go again? Oh yeah, nothing good can come of what happens after 2am…there’s some exceptions to that, right? All together now…Sigh

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