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{the life} What’s Getting Me Through my Yoga Challenge (and What My Yoga Challenge is Getting Me Through)

Posted Jul 11 2012 6:25pm

Just one week left to go until Eric and I are homeowners ! While today is our actual closing date, we gave the seller a lease-back option so I planned that my challenge would go until July 18th, the day the place really becomes ours. Here’s an update on the yoga!

  • My Manduka PROlite mat. I have been using this mat since  my Lululemon mat fell apart on me  a while back and I really love it. Like, every time I use it I love it a little more, probably because it gets a little stickier with each use. (Seriously, I love the texture of it and it just keeps improving!) I am happy about this mat every time I use it, which has been a lot as of late.
  • Bathroom yoga. Because it has a hard floor and because it inspires me to keep my bathroom looking nice. And because it’s quickly becoming my yoga room, and having a yoga room is fancy, right?
  • Just one or two poses a night. I knew going into this challenge that there would be some days when I’d only do a pose or two (and it’s definitely something I’d been doing on occasion anyway) but I wasn’t sure how it would feel to do it so regularly. Well…it feels fantastic! I’m finding that when I just do a couple poses, I give them a lot of attention and just get a lot out of them. Also, I can go deeper and really challenge myself because my body isn’t as tired as when I do them in the middle of a long class. It sort of feels like I’m in training for my longer classes when I just focus on a couple poses. I’ve also been trying to get some variety in there, so I’ve been doing poses that aren’t as common in yoga classes. There’s been a lot of, “Well, hello, camel pose! I missed you!”
  • Um, I love this site! While  really like YogaVibes , my weak home Internet means streaming classes aren’t a very good option for me. But YogaDownload gives you the option to download podcasts and videos that you can actually keep. (Though you can also stream if you want to.) There are a lot of class options and price points; you can pay as you go, but I did a one-month subscription for $9.99 which got me four downloads that I’ll actually own. I started with Dave Farmer’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa class  (I was afraid to go without the visual assistance at first) and both the 45-minute and 60-minute classes were great. Seriously, love. Then on Sunday, I did the 45-minute Anusara-Inspired Flow with Roger Martin-Pressman which I also loved. It was audio only but it came with a pose guide which I checked a couple times to confirm I was understanding his cues properly. My studio doesn’t have Anusara classes, but I do like them (they focus on the heart and throat so there are a lot of chest openers and backbends) so this worked out really well.
  • 45-minute classes. While I love the studio where I practice, the 75-minute classes are a big commitment, especially when you factor in travel time. Lunchtime classes usually run an hour, which is great, but 45 minutes? FEELS LIKE A BREEZE!
  • Tight,  emotional hips .
  • Eric’s anxiety over the 11th hour-delivery of the appraisal report earlier this week. These days? His anxiety is my anxiety and vice versa. Except when I take a vinyasa and then it’s not anymore.
  • Nightmares about choosing paint colors. Yes, actual nightmares. No, it’s not really about the paint.
  • The state of my apartment. Eric and I started packing over the weekend weekend and even though things are in complete disarray right now, I actually feel OK. Not just that…I actually feel good about everything. I’m really enjoying packing and I’m super proud of how goddamn organized I am and how we’ve been doing it methodically, adults…you know, labeling boxes extensively, not packing dirty laundry, etc.
  • Work shizz.
  • Extra work, and the early mornings and late nights that come along with it.
  • The fact that all this generally makes fast food start looking really good. Doing something good for my body every day means it’s really hard to fill it with crap. Also, filling it with crap makes it really hard to practice yoga and get through my ten million other things each day. I haven’t been perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve packed myself a lot more lunches than I think I would have otherwise.
*I have clearly not practiced yoga yet today. 

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