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The Key to Weight Loss is Believing. The Key to Believing is Mental Simulation.

Posted Jul 26 2012 5:00am

Believing that it will actually happen—that you will start dieting, stay on your diet, lose a lot of weight, and then maintain permanent weight loss—may be what gets you there.

Try it. Try believing by picturing yourself there. Picture the benefits. Picture the new, thinner woman you’ll be.

This kind of visualizing can get you ready, readier than you’ve ever been. There’s lots to visualize. You can mentally simulate your goal; you can mentally simulate the ways you’ll get to your goal.

Besides helping you believe more, mentally simulating and rehearsing the ways you’ll get there will produce plans. Imagining how, when, and what will occur provides lots of information about what lies ahead. You’ll not only get factual information but emotional information as well. You’ll learn how taking that weight-loss step will feel emotionally, and you won’t have to wait and be taken by surprise. As you mentally simulate and produce all this information about where you are headed and how you will get there, you can’t help but problem solve and plan.

Believing that the outcome will be just what you’d like it to be is too much of a pie-in-the-sky belief. By itself, it won’t get you to your goal of permanent weight loss. There's not enough work involved. It's too wishful. But couple this outcome belief with belief in the weight-loss steps and weight-loss strategies that you’ve imagined taking and worked over through rehearsal, visualization, and mental simulation, and you’ve got something going for yourself.


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