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The Importance of Emotion and Eating in Gaining Too Much Weight and Losing A Lot of Weight

Posted Apr 08 2013 5:00am

Why such an emphasis on emotion when it comes to overeating and weight gain and trying to lose your unwanted weight?

If you think about it, emotion helps you adapt and survive. It influences what you learn and what you remember. Emotion facilitates the decisions you make, and it motivates you to take the critical actions you need to take in various situations, including the way you eat, what you eat, and what you do about overeating and weight gain.

You can’t keep emotion out. It’s there whether you want it or not. Emotion is part of your personality. You are typically a positive person; you’re patient; you're thoughtful; you’ve got to keep busy. Your emotions influence who you are, and you bring who you are right into the weight gaining and weight-loss process.

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