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The Hidden Danger of Drinking Fizzy Drinks

Posted Aug 17 2009 10:04pm

74729280_489b542f25[1] Try not to be alarmed by the title of this particular post. It isn’t as bad as it seems. However, it does contain some relevant information about what drinking fizzy drinks can do to you.

According to some recent research, which was put together in a study If you drink more than two cans of fizzy drink, it may start to affect your liver. What many people may not know is that sugar can actually make your liver expand.

This is something that I read quite a long time ago now.  As regards what sugar can do to you long-term. We normally tend to associate liver damage, with drinking alcohol or if you eat too much fatty food this can cause a similar problem.

Some scientists in Israel found that people in their study that had consumed, a litre of fizzy drink were for more likely to contract. The start of liver disease, what they found from the research, is if you consume a few cans, a day of something like Coca-Cola, or any other soft drink that is high in sugar

Then you’re far more likely to, contract diseases like diabetes, possible heart problems, and diseases of the liver. The study, was done in Israel , they had two groups of people. None of which had any traces of fatty liver disease.

When the results came back. Eighty percent of those that had been drinking high sugar concentration fizzy drinks were starting to show signs of slight liver damage.

One of the researchers involved in the study, commented saying that it’s the ingredient called fructose which is at the root of the problem. It’s probably best to avoid drinks that have high levels of fructose, another thing to bear in mind about this is the initial research was done in Israel and not our country namely the United Kingdom . It’s a good idea to keep your liver healthy as it helps with weight loss.

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Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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