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The Hares Point of View

Posted May 15 2009 12:32am
The diet is coming along excellent. I still need to work on my water intake! Chubby Chick has had her Christmas Challenge going for 3 weeks now. The first week I actually gained a pound. My weight loss here didn't reflect that but her weigh ins are from Monday to Monday so things pan out a little differently. The second week I lost four pounds and this week I lost three. That gives me 6 pounds lost on the challenge. I have 19 more to go before Christmas!

I'll be happy to lose any amount of that 19 really. Im not in this weight loss game for fast loss. Ive done that far too often in the past. Im in this for the long haul. Im too old to be playing games with my health. As long as the scale is moving steadily downward that's all I care about.

I see huge weight losses on peoples blogs; people losing 12 pounds a week on Atkins and such. That kind of thing use to discourage me in years past. Not anymore. I never have been a hugeweightlossdropperperson. Okay so that's not a real word but it gets across what Im trying to say. Now I am perfectly content to be the hare in any weight loss race. It feels good to know that I am losing fat not water. Fat comes off slower but at least it wont come back on at the first carb meal I eat.

The big reason I want to lose those 19 pounds is to be able to say I have lost 60 pounds this year. My own goal is to have that lost by January 7 when I started my journey. So I'll keep plugging away.

I have stumbled on the beauty of salmon grilled and brushed with real maple syrup. I could eat it for dinner every night and I pretty much have been! It's good stuff and it definitely helps keep my appetite under control for the entire evening.

I have a bunch of garden tomatoes and Im going to make fresh salsa. Now I need ideas for things to dip in that salsa besides chips. I put in on eggs and avocados and such but Im in need of a finger food. Do any of my weight loss buddies have a good healthy alternative to chips and salsa?
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