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The great yogurt experiment

Posted Dec 08 2009 8:18am
"Did something in the refrigerator explode?" my roommate asked me as she stood in front of the open fridge door.

"Oh, no, that's just my yogurt experiment," I told her.

Yogurt experiment

About a month ago MelPo left this comment on my Voskos yogurt entry:

Did you know you can make any yogurt thick--like the so-called greek yogurts that are so popular now? It's just strained yogurt.

I do it by putting a couple of coffee filters in a colander over a bowl--dump the contents of a big yogurt (my fave is seven stars, but any kind, any flavor will work) into the filters. Then fold the tops of the filters over the top of the yogurt and put the whole bowl into the fridge overnight. The next day, take it out and dump the watery stuff from the bowl and open up the coffee filters and enjoy your thick yummy yogurt.

If you want it even thicker you can weight the top with something fairly light--like a can of soup or something and the resulting yogurt will be a cream-cheese consistency. It makes a delicious pie.

Intrigued, I decided I should try this. I got out a cup of vanilla flavored Dannon Light 'N Fit yogurt, put it in a coffee filter set over a plastic cup, and stuck it in the fridge to freak my roommate out. When I checked it an hour later, the coffee filter was totally soaked, so I had to take it out and add two more filters to the contraption. The next day, it looked like this:

Yogurt experiment

I tasted a spoonful of the strained yogurt, and it was a bit thicker than when I started, but it still wasn't as thick as Fage yogurt. I looked in the cup, and at least two tablespoons of water had been strained out. Perhaps this experiment would go better if I started with a thicker type of yogurt to begin with. I dunno. I just know that I'm going to let the professionals handle the yogurt straining in the future.

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