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The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Posted Oct 26 2012 5:00pm

In my most recent session of "Let's throw shit away!" I came across something like 30 CDs filled with old photos. Among them, many scanned images of my Halloween Greatest Hits. 

So let us enjoy a trip down memory lane, shall we?


I have no idea how old I am here but clearly I was a super early adopter of the whole vampire trend. Suck it, Stepahnie Meyer.

There is so much wrong with this costume. What am I? A ballerina? A princess? Why am I wearing tennis shoes with tights? Horrible! I am the epitome of gracefulness....

Why am I wearing 18 layers of blue eye shadow if I am going to put a mask on, I ask you. Same goes for the red ribbon around my head. Please note the AMAZING wallpaper and wicker in the background. My house was ROCKIN' in the 80s. 

FYI, the cast on my arm is real. After I broke my right arm for the THIRD time (like I said - graceful), I decided to incorporate it into my Halloween. I think I told people I was an accident victim. (And I know you are all jealous of my awesome plaid shirt.)

I'm adorable. 

This photo is a demonstartion of everything that is wrong with my posture as an adult... The pink pleather pants are pretty rad, though. Again, I insisted on wearing face makepup even though I had a mask. I was clearly not a very practical child but then, I'm not typically a practical adult either. 

I am so badass, you don't even know. But I should have painted that little orange thing on the edge of my fake gun barrel so it didn't look like a squirt gun. 

I'm sorry but how cute is my little brother the robot?! My witch costume, while very 1980s, is pretty sassy. Not sure what I am doing there on the left unless I had some kind of Lady Gaga Little Monsters premonition. Paws up, bitches! 


Horrible. Just... horrible. My mother swears up and down that I requested this costume so I have to ask WHAT WAS I THINKING?! This is the kind of clown I'd run from, shrieking with terror. 

I was only midly excited for this year's Halloween but last night, I finished sewing my costume and I must say, it's PHONOMENAL so now I am REALLY excited. 

What's everyone dressing up as?

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