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The final tip you should know about oatmeal and your healthy eating plans

Posted Jan 29 2010 1:20am 1 Comment


Oatmeal_bananas_xsmHopefully you have read the previous two posts and implemented at least one of the recipes that was provided in those posts. 

We have come to the final tip.  Now I know there are a lot more than 5 tips so please leave a comment below and include your own tip for healthy oatmeal and how it can be included in healthy eating guidelines. 


Tip #5: Did you know that you can substitute oats for bread crumbs in just about any recipe?  You can use a food processor and finely chop the oats and then add them to ground beef to be used in meatloaf or use them as breading for fish fillets or chicken fillets.


Please add your own tips in the comments below to share the numerous different ways you can use healthy oatmeal with your healthy eating plans.



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I eat oats for breakfast most days- so many ways to prepare them. I cook them with skim milk, banana and cinnamon, and top with peanut butter. Or I top them with Greek yogurt for a creamy decadent tasting treat. A favourite combination is cooking them with a pinch of salt and banana (+ cinnamon and vanilla) and stirring in some pumpkin at the end.

I also like mixing them with dried fruit and natural yogurt, and leaving them in the fridge overnight for a quick refreshing breakfast.

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