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The Extra Degree

Posted Jun 03 2008 3:04pm 1 Comment
After writing my previous post about being disappointed with my weight loss this week (although I haven’t even done the official weigh-in, that’s tomorrow afternoon), I decided to get some inspiration from my favorite weight loss blogs.

I went to Cammy’s blog, The Tippy Toe Diet, and found exactly what I needed. Her post about 212, the extra degree, couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Take a minute and go read it. Watch the accompanying video. I’ll wait.

Awesome, huh? I love the idea that stepping things up just a little bit can make such a huge difference in the long run. The quote that resonated the most with me is:

You are responsible for your results

It is so true! So, after being inspired, I not only went to a school event and sipped water and chewed my gum while everyone else was having delicious-looking meals, I came home, changed into my workout clothes and headed to the gym.

You should’ve seen me on that elliptical machine! I haven’t pushed myself that hard in so long, but it felt so good. I knew that no matter how hard it was for me in that moment, no matter how out of breath I became, I had to do it, because I had to prove to myself that I could.

So as I sit here, exhausted after such a hard workout, I am so happy with myself for not wallowing in self pity and the “why me” mentality with this possible plateau. I did something about it. And no matter what the results are on the scale tomorrow, I can be proud of my efforts.

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You're right. We've got to be proactive. Don't forget to measure as well as weigh. Sometimes you'll see a loss of inches and not much change in weight as you build muscle and lose fat.

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