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The End Game IS Today

Posted Jan 05 2011 9:52pm
Nothing like a new season of The Biggest Loser to get your motivational juices running!  I watched half of it last night and the rest of it tonight and there was one very simple sentence that came out of Bob's mouth when he was pep talking the heaviest contestant who has a 300 lb road ahead of him after already losing 160 lbs.  He said, "We can't think about that end game, we have to think about today."
The struck me in just the right way. 

In the beginning of starting on the road to weight loss, you have visions of yourself at your goal weight and it's all wonderful and you're all happy and healthy and enjoying your life (you can see yourself "there" and you know what I'm talking about).  But then the glimpse gets clouded by all the "time" and "work" that is required to bring that vision forward to present.  Often times, for me, that's enough to deter me right off track - the idea of how much work (and patience) is required to get "there." 

But I have news for you (read: me).  You I will be unhappy every single day of my life if I'm not actively doing what it takes to get back there again.  You I can stop thinking about it in terms of the time that is required to get the job done because at the end of the day, that time is going to pass by whether you I am doing what is required of me to get "there" or not.

You I WE need to spend this precious time owning this challenge and getting the job done!  I still remember how wonderful I felt on those two days and I look forward doing it again this year, regardless of where I am on my weight loss journey  10
6   8

That’s me and I felt like a friggin million bucks both times I ran the 5k and it FELT like it was the marathon, I was so friggin proud.  And I SHOULD have been.  I don’t care who’s running marathons and ultramarathons or whatever – I worked HARD to get to a place that allowed me to do it – one telephone poll at a time

My END game is HERE, today, my friends.
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