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The constant mental battle in losing and gaining...

Posted Jan 06 2010 5:26am
It really takes alot out of us doesnt it? To always be fighting the fight. Always having to deal with gaining and losing. Getting on that scale perhaps once a either tell us if we maintained or gained or lost. Sadly the majority of us were not born with that "perfect" body we all dream about or wished we had. Instead we were born to sweat it off I suppose;-)

I cannot believe what a constant fight it really is once you get on board and get a taste of this so called "healthy kick". Once you felt the freedom for even a day when you face and defeat that weight problem you carried for most of your always tend to remember that freedom and want to get back there to that point. But yet, some days you question and second guess yourself, can I really get there again?

The truthful answer is always YES. It really is in us to change. Many times even I question this..and we as a group don't truely understand what we really CAN do as humans until it is proven and shown to us. I mean I myself was a perfect example. Someone who was morbidly obese all my life, to change that in one year all naturally.  I really did prove my point on that call.
We have the ability to change tommorow! Its an amazing gift really. WHATEVER  it is that you might be wanting to change. But sometimes like many, I too get tired of fighting. Because yes we can change, but it does take alot of work and determination and focus not only to get there....but to keep yourself there.

Sometimes we just want to take a break from it all. And I dont think its the physical break we are wishing for, but more so its that MENTAL fight. I dont know about you, but it will hit me at certain times where  it does take a lot out of me. I mean one day your doing really good, then next...still good...few days later...kind of not great..the next pretty good...and it goes on and on and on.

Thats the only thing I do miss which I think most of us will agree. That its that easygoingness  attitude that we live  and take advantage of before actually getting control and taking action.
This same easygoing kind of attitude and thinking sadly is that which really hurts us in the end when getting so wrapped up in it. The thoughts like believing that things are what i am fat...I will start tommorow I have friends to time for more piece of pizza...and before you know it, alot of time has passed..and your even heavier. Isnt that how it goes eh?

So its a choice we all must make in the end. It doesnt make us winners or losers really because its an ongoing battle through life. I mean to people you might be a winner once getting to your goal, but, the on going can be really tough afterwards. The only way to make it easier I think is to truely understand what it is to live a healthier lifestyle FOR LIFE. SOMETHING I AM STILL TRYING TO LEARN.

Its one thing to say this, but another thing to do it.
Some gain control, and never end up gaining it back. I have seen myself people who have done this. Then there are others like most of us, that will always gain and lose, sometimes driving us into this maddness. And its funny cause I dont think people realize just how much this can get to someone at times. This constant up and down, the hyperness of it all, the feeling of failure if you do surrender to that unhealthy eating for a day when you were not suppose to.Its NO WONDER people decide to throw in the towel and just give up.
Not to mention that, I mean honestly losing weight and being healthy is just ONE of the many important factors in life. How can we possibly put 100% into that, especially when we have family and kids and jobs and as we age.
But, I suppose  its not so much about putting that 100%. I mean realistically how possible is that, every single day?  Its about doing your best, finding the balance, and incorporating that into your other life. Thats the best we can do. We are strong but we are not perfect. But I think everyone myself included needs to step back and understand that. Its so easy to get wrapped up in the negative thinking because you didnt have a "perfect" day. And it can really destroy you and your way of thinking not to mention what you think you can achieve if you put too much focus on that in particular.

There will come a time when you will have to make a choice at the crossway....either get sucked into that negative and give up or somehow just find it in you and keep the fight going. So far, I am still fighting.

well...welcome to 2010! Another year of the ongoing battle!
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